I drew this birthday card by hand, pretty incredible right? I know, it looks like I seven year old drew it. I like janky looking intellectual property though, makes it, rare-ish.

This could be the most popular graph I’ve ever made. I can’t think of very many people who wouldn’t understand this one. But I’m going to make a list of the groups of people that definitely wouldn’t understand it anyway.

-People who can’t read english
-Deaf people
-Friendless blind people who have no one to read it to them
-Very young babies
-Anyone who has recently time traveled here from any point in time before the year 1975

That’s enough of that. I make my grocery lists that same way — I make a list of the foods that I absolutely refuse to eat and then usually just end up grabbing whatever looks good at Safeway at 1am.

This graph of the Kiss song “Rock and Roll All Nite” will show up at your crib mega fast and be all ready for you to inscribe your heart out on the inside before you seal it up in the envelope I’ll send with it.


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